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In 2018 AHRQ (the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality) faced a challenge; the organization has a number of valuable, evidence-based resources and tools for patients, providers, policymakers, researchers, systematic reviewers, guideline developers, and many other healthcare stakeholders. Unfortunately, these resources are languishing in multiple databases because they aren't easy to find and use.

This challenge isn't specific to AHRQ; for users, the challenge is dramatically amplified when you add in the myriad of other public and private resources to meet their information and support needs. As a result, critical healthcare decisions and actions are often not informed by the important evidence, guidance, and tools available.

AHRQ set out to solve the problem by establishing the AHRQ evidence-based Care Transformation Support (ACTS) initiative in late 2018. 

The goal: propose a Roadmap to make ARHQ evidence-based tools and resources — along with those from many other public and private sources — easy to find and apply by healthcare stakeholders. To ensure any eventual AHRQ efforts to implement the Roadmap leverage and support related efforts by others, the ACTS project team engaged a broad Stakeholder Community. Several workgroups were formed during 2019 to provide input and establish foundations for the Roadmap. During 2020, three AHRQ-funded pilot efforts were initiated with the Stakeholder Community to explore key Roadmap components. 

In 2021, effort to kick off the concept demos proposed in Phase 1 began. This site describes ACTS efforts, elements of the roadmap such as the future vision, and the current efforts underway to build the knowledge ecosystem and the standards, tools and resources necessary to optimize the LHS Cycle and support achievement of the Quintuple Aim.

This website contains information about and produced by the AHRQ evidence-based Care Transformation Support (ACTS) initiative. A more detailed overview for this page is forthcoming. Below is a site map.

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