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Individual and Population Health Journey

Healthcare Today Comes with Challenges

Imagine If ...

In 2019, the ACTS Future Vision Workgroup defined what patient care – supported and improved by Learning Health Systems, the knowledge ecosystem and sharable data – looks like the Future Vision. 

Future Patient Experience

Future Care Team Experience

The future experience is supported by the knowledge ecosystem and LHS(s) where data is based on standards and easily sharable.

Future Vision Workgroup 2019 Report 

The Future Vision Workgroup 2019 report not only described the enhanced patient care experience but also addresses the improved experience for all contributors to the LHS cycle; finally, it identifies the gaps and next steps for achieving this future vision. Check out the links below to learn more:

Care Delivery

Resource Developers

Learning Health Systems

One resource for helping your organization achieve the future vision is creating a patient journey/service blueprint. Read Patient Journey and Service Blueprint How Tos.

Patient, family and caregiver engagement is also essential to achieving the future vision health journeys and LHSs more broadly; learn more about that here.