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In 2006 the ONC-commissioned Roadmap for National Action on Clinical Decision Support was released publicly. That year this Roadmap was presented in person to - and formally accepted by - the HHS secretary and public and private healthcare leaders, and it drove subsequent investments and actions. However, 'critical path' recommendations in this Roadmap on "developing and maintaining an ongoing forum for dialogue, consensus, and action by ... stakeholders" and "funding ... a set of coordinated, collaborative projects aimed at ... a focused, top priority target" were not followed. Hopefully the time is ripe now to more effectively address the disastrous consequences [link to details in Roadmap] of not putting healthcare knowledge into action effectively, and this ACTS LHS proposal will help drive the needed change.

Initial Working DRAFT for Stakeholder Input and Refinement

[The information on this page is being reorganized, and stakeholder input will be used to help optimize presentation]

Patient Journey CDS Intervention Gaps and Steps

The following tables describe the gaps and next steps to address the necessary improvements to the interventions defined in the table below. Interventions Underlying the Future Vision and necessitated by the Mae scenario. They also list some existing resources from AHRQ and others that could be leveraged or enhanced to realize the future vision for those interventions.

The goal is to activate patients, establish a shared care plan based on the latest evidence and guidance, aligned with patient goals - taking a holistic approach to care; including considerations based on cost transparency.

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